Not an easy choice on what card one should choose. The results are impressing none the less with almost a whole GHz free performance from our 2. If you feel a need for extra features you just add some money and buy a IS7-G. Takes advantage of the existing industry HDD and optical drive interfaces. The fact is that the price reflects how well the boards are equipped and in this case you have to live with the pretty high price tag. It’s cheesy I know, but hey, it’s the simple things that separates a pack of similar products.

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Voltage, fan status, and temperature monitoring. Even in MP3-encoding the brute force inte Processor power and memorybandwidth is what is important for performance but this time something very inexpected happens.

This is located right down by the PCI slots. No Interruptions Day Shortbread.

The performed tests are as follow:. Two of them are controlled by the chipset and the other two by a separate Silicon Image controller. Coming so soon in the wake of the Canterwood i release why is this Springdale chipset such a big deal?

Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Of course, all the standard Springdale features are here too, like eight ports of USB 2. Increases memory and system-level performance by optimizing internal data paths. The IS7-boards linger slightly behind the two Canterwood boards but compared to each other they perform quite alike. Only its most exclusive cards are manufactured on a visually more attractive black PCB.


Abit’s IS7 motherboard

Both IS7-boards reveals themselves to be chipsey than the two reference-boards despite less memorybandwidth. The price should be at least SEK cheaper. Flexible memory technology allows a full spectrum of DDR usage from highest performance to more cost-effective systems. My primary issue was that the connectors seemed to break easily if one was slightly incautious when removing a cable, although these apprehensions later turned out to be completely unwarranted.

The results are impressing none the less with ix7 a whole GHz free performance from our 2.

The price of the IS7 is a nice story, but unfortunately it only differs fhipset little from IC7. Search For More Articles! Just for fun we’ve decided to compare this board to boards sporting the PE Intel’s last best thing and the brand new Canterwood chipset to truly see where this new cyipset falls in line.

Coupled with a 2. It is actually rather easy to find mainboards with the same functions and features for a lower price. The two Canterwood boards take home the memory tests as could be expected but the margins between the two are really slim.

Overclocking gives as usual a healthy increase of both 3DMark points and an increase to the memory bandwhidth. With the standard settings the Canterwood-boards perform slightly better than the IS7-boards, which in itself is not anything surprising. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. The placement of these are, however, identical, namely in the very back of the card near the back plate.


Lets take a look at the layout which ABIT usually are very good at. The only reason js7 we did not go higher is because of the CPU and the cooling.

Abit’s IS7 motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 1

The vcore can be increased to 1. The manual is about 90 i7 long Intle only and covers installation, BIOS settings, and software installation, as well as diagramming the various jumpers, ports, and the like in detail. Even the IC7-G has this ability so of course we tested this board as well. Switching memory modules with a large AGP card is impracticable. Takes advantage of the existing industry HDD and optical drive interfaces.

Marking more than marginal increases performance-wise over theand a feature set that is downright impressive.