StevePro Studios 2-Sep I’ve preserved the main architecture of MAME. Thank you for your feedback. Could you explain how you make the gfx. But you can try the neo-geo games for now they should changed not to much in past.

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As his conquering shadow spread, one man rose up against this black tide. For a beginner, M ROM hacking contains the following steps: Programmers can refer to the CPS1. Akkila-Orkhan soon returned and with help of his minions, he quickly conquered the country.

MAME, CPS1/2/3, NeoGeo: so different but many things in common! – General – Libretro Forums

Thanks for your reply. But if there is missing content too, the games wont run.

Thank you for your feedback. By these steps, CPS1.

CPS1.NET: A C# Based CPS1 (MAME) Emulator

Size of ” maincpu. Since there is little unsafe code, the efficiency of CPS1.


NET runs at following steps: The file ” gfx. John Stephens Sep I’ve extracted the following information from ” maincpu. Could you explain how to construct gfx. You can dump the certain memory of running MAME directly to make ” gfx. The CPS1 frame update frequency is You earned my 5 suruz 13hrs 47mins ago. But here is a nice tutorial https: The offset 0x23 byte mainram[0xB0B7] determines the fire or ice sprite 0x06 for fire and 0x07 for ice.

The program loads the file ” maincpu. It figures out how CPS1 games work. I can’t get a file that matches your gfx. Could you explain how you make the gfx. Since there is CPS1 sound bank switch, the upper limit size of ” audiocpu.

The origin screen size is x pixels. For each of that core you need the matching rom.

And you can use custom playlist and playlist buddy for this one. The dat File you needed can be found on your link! With your help, I understand the way i have to go. Never dreamed of this could be done with C! You can do anything about arcade games with MAME source code.


By the following code, you can automatically play the game and get the best score 14 seconds left. First Prev Next Great Job! Now I show three examples:.

Using the cheat search function, I find the base mainram address of the first enemy is 0x8FE8.