Source Motherboard Standoffs Sizes You can buy a standoff anywhere between 4mm to 10mm in length as far as I know. Pairs of UNC thumbscrews are used to fasten certain connectors to hardware ports. Although there are numerous manufacturers of computer cases, they have generally used three thread sizes. Sign up using Facebook. Please read On-Topic , How do I ask a good question? Motherboard screw stuck in standout Updated: If the motherboard screw is difficult to remove from the standoff, even when using pliers, do not use grease or oil to attempt to loosen the screw.

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Languages Deutsch Edit links. Its size and fine thread make it appropriate for applications where a UNC would be excessively bulky without providing any other benefits versus the smaller M3. Retrieved November 16, In contrast, a spacer is an unthreaded piece of tubing which lets the entire bolt pass through.

The hex head makes it easier to work with during assembly with powered torque screwdrivers. Non-standard metricized lengths such as 5 millimetres 0.

Sometimes when removing a screw from the motherboard and standoff, the standoff will unscrew from the case instead of the screw from the standoff. You are asking an off-topic question hardware shopping. Sometimes threaded or snap-lock plastic standoffs are used, which are less secure, but equally useful in a stationary computer.


A longer standoff allows cables to be run under the motherboard and may also improve airflow. You can get ATX standoffs in a huge assortment of sizes and shapes as well as materials by sizes I mean the length of the thread as well as the ‘nut’ can vary how ever the width.

Motherboard / Graphics Card M3 Hex Nut Standoff Driver (HEX-D3) –

Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from October stanndoff Other materials including brass, aluminum, nylon and various plastics are also used for applications with particular physical or aesthetic requirements.

This makes it more suitable for fastening larger parts and thicker materials requiring increased holding strength. Retrieved from ” https: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Hardware Recommendations appear to be for shopping for consumer electronics. These standoffs act as spacers between the motherboard and case, to prevent the motherboard from shorting out by touching the metal in the solder points to the metal of the case. A standoff is a threaded separator of defined length used to raise one assembly above another.

Computer case screws are the hardware used to secure parts of a PC to the case. According to the ATX 2.

Motherboard screw stuck in standout

Although there are numerous manufacturers of computer cases, they motherboad generally used three thread sizes. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Source Motherboard standoff dimensions From experience over many years, they are all standard threads and size, but not length, that varies by case manufacturer.


When used to fasten cable connectors i. Also, the screw should always be sstandoff screwed into the standoff, never try tightening the screw in more than a snug fit in hopes of screwing the standout more into the case. The M3 is a thinner screw with a finer thread than the UNC. Was this page useful? If this occurs, it will be necessary to unscrew the standoff separately.

Some standoffs use the M3 female thread which faces the motherboard instead of UNC, and on a rare occasion a mixture of types can be used in the same case.

Spacers and standoffs

Also common are pan head screws – a low disk with a chamfered outer edge. The bore depth on the plate can vary as much as you like, however as your image shows, the thread size ztandoff a standard which you should match.

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